The Path to Finding Help…

Help-TrailADAS of Lorain County can assist in finding the help that you, your loved one or family needs. All resources listed on this page can also be found in the Finding Help menu above.
Heroin drug facts and local resources for Lorain County’s residents as well as links to state and national information regarding this epidemic.
Facts and resources for help with problem gambling in Lorain County along with a free, confidential, 24 hour a day helpline. 
A short, confidential questionnaire to get personalized results about if the way or amount you drink is harming your health and if you should cut down on drinking.
Family Support
Surviving Our Loss And Continuing Everyday: SOLACE Lorain County — Support for families impacted by substance abuse, especially the prescription drug, opiate and heroin epidemic.
A 24-hour hotline as well as a list of other providers agencies in the Lorain County area to assist you in finding help.
Frequently Asked Questions about peer support and recovery coaches.
A list of local phone numbers of Lorain County Offices for assistance in finding the help you need.
A list of options for what to do when you are unhappy with services.
This notice describes how personal information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.